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SolarPower Europe is a trade association consisting of 20+ staff, representing over 200 organisations from 35 countries across Europe and the world. We offer a multicultural work environment, our team speaks a total of 20 languages!

We are a highly motivated and dynamic team, who are passionate about our work and delivering strong results for our sector.  In the past two years, we have won 4 European association awards, which is testimony to the excellent results we are achieving in our industry.  

International Cooperation Intern

SolarPower Europe is recruiting for the role of International Cooperation Intern.

Send applications to Máté Heisz, Senior Advisor and Project Manager for International Cooperation by 9th August 2019.


We offer various traineeship opportunities to university and high-school students who require work experience to complete their courses.

As a trainee you will gain first-hand insight into SolarPower Europe’s activities and contribute to the associations work to make solar the leading contributor to Europe’s energy system.  The tasks performed by you as a trainee are supervised and differ according to the unit you join. We have regular traineeship openings in policy, business development, market intelligence, events and communications.

To apply for a traineeship, please send your CV and cover letter to We look forward to hearing from you!

Traineeship Stories

Alyssa Pek

Communications traineeship 2017-2018​

1. Why did you apply for the position at SolarPower Europe?

I had always been interested in playing my part to decarbonise society – and what better way than being part of the team that advocates for the lowest-carbon energy source! With the Clean Energy Package negotiations and a real shift in the EU to push forward the energy transition, the solar sector is a dynamic and exciting sector, and I wanted to take part in this new era of energy.

2. What were your main tasks at SolarPower Europe?

My role was to make sure that everyone knows about the amazing benefits of solar power. From the technical aspects, to business opportunities, to the political implications, this communication covered a vast area of topics, all of which are interesting and exciting in their own way. By managing digital communications, such as Twitter, website, and the newsletter, writing articles and book chapters for various publications in the EU and beyond, and developing new campaigns – my job was to make solar shine!

3. What did you enjoy the most about working at SolarPower Europe?

What I enjoyed most about working at SolarPower Europe is the motivated team that I got to work with every day. Everyone here really believes in what they are doing, which is a highly contagious feeling and made me eager to come into work every morning to take on the next challenge. Working with this team also allowed me to think creatively and critically, as they encouraged everyone to come up with new and better ideas to take the association and the solar sector to the next level.

4. What did you find most challenging?

The most challenging part of the traineeship was the fast-paced work environment, which meant balancing strict deadlines and obligations with other unexpected work that pop-up on a daily basis, which often happens working in communications. While this is challenging, it is also the most thrilling part of this work!

5. How has the SolarPower Europe traineeship helped your career?

My traineeship at SolarPower Europe helped me refine my knowledge and skills for the real world, as even as a trainee I had many high responsibilities and was fully integrated into the work of the association. On top of this, it provided me with a huge network of opportunities and contacts within the energy sector, which is how I ultimately found my current job as a full-time communications advisor.

Andrés Pinto Bello Gómez

 Policy traineeship 2017

1. Why did you apply for the position at SolarPower Europe?

Before coming to Brussels I had a corporate job in a German multinational. At some point I realized that I wanted to work in something that “mattered”. In an environment that encouraged thinking out of the box all the while fighting for something worthwhile. SolarPower Europe embodies all this and more, it gave me the chance to take my first steps in European policy analysis, knowing that I was pushing the boundaries for a sustainable present and future. 

2. What were your main tasks at SolarPower Europe?

I was part of the Policy team during my  traineeship at SPE where I focused on Market Intelligence. With my colleague we developed a process and database for the collection of statistics regarding solar photovoltaics around the world. Later we developed a model for scenario analysis to project solar photovoltaics growth. Our work resulted in an award-winning publication, the Global Market Outlook. Usually positions at SPE are not constrained to one topic, so I was also involved in different task forces and in the lobbying aspect of the association. The knowledge gained on one field is easily transferred to a different one and at SPE you are encouraged to use it in as many ways as possible.

3. What did you enjoy the most about working at SolarPower Europe?

SolarPower Europe is made up of an enthusiastic and friendly team that made it a pleasure to come to work every day. As a newcomer to the sector everybody was always ready to explain all the nuances of the solar sector as well as introducing me into the EU public affairs world. Everybody in the team is an expert in their field and they were always ready to discuss it with me, which was extremely helpful while learning the ropes.

4. What did you find most challenging?

Doing an traineeship at SolarPower Europe doesn’t mean that anybody is going to hold your hand and guide you through every step. You have a lot of freedom to pursue your tasks, but with that comes a great responsibility to deliver and perform up to the expectations set on you. Nevertheless there is a good balance between the challenges of your everyday work with the support you receive from the team and management.

5. How has the SolarPower Europe traineeship helped your career?

SolarPower Europe fulfilled every expectations I had when I arrived in Brussels. I was able to experience the EU Public Affairs world and especially learn about the energy sector and the challenges renewable energy faces in the energy transition. I moved straight after the internship to a full-time position as a Policy Analyst at smartEn, the European association uniting market players driving digital and decentralised energy solutions, where I use on a daily basis the skills that I learned at SolarPower Europe. The network I was able to establish and the knowledge of the energy sector and the European institutions helped me to achieve all the short term professional goals I had when I applied to the traineeship.

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