End the solar trade measures

SolarPower Europe is advocating for the immediate removal of the solar trade measures

There is strong evidence showing how the EU solar trade measures are negatively impacting the EU solar sector. A recent assessing the socio-economic contribution of solar to jobs and value added in Europe found that removing the measures would stimulate demand and therefore lead to a significant surge in jobs. The study discovered that by removing the duties over 45,500 additional jobs could be created in the EU by 2019. This would mean that we would see a 50% increase in EU solar jobs – at a time when we need both more jobs and more solar!

A recent European Commission study by DG Justice and Consumers ‘Residential Prosumers in the European Energy Union’ assessed the current regulatory regime impacting solar self-consumers in Europe today. It concluded that the EU solar trade measures should be removed to increase self-consumption. The model used by DG Justice and Consumers suggests that lifting the measures will drive an increase in uptake of rooftop solar in most EU countries by approximately 20-30% in comparison to the baseline scenario. It is clear that the measures are reducing consumer demand for solar – this is fundamentally against the interest of the European Union and its objective to have the consumer at the heart of the Energy Union.

Current status

On 31 August 2018 the European Commission announced the end of the trade measures on solar panels and cells from China, Taiwan and Malaysia.

The trade measures expired at midnight on 3 September 2018.


Frans Timmermans, First Vice-President of the EC
on the promised phase out of the trade measures

Major campaign initiatives:

EU companies and organisations
from all 28 EU Member States

also representing over 1 million electrical installers and over 1 million energy citizens from cooperatives, sent a letter to President Juncker, calling on the EU to remove the trade measures as promised by September 2018.

Companies from every EU Member State

wrote to the Commission calling for the tariffs to be lifted. This demonstrated that the tariffs had a negative impact on companies in every country in the EU.

From all mainstream political parties

from the Greens to the ECR, joined together and sent a letter to the Commission calling for them to end the measures.

European associations

co-signed a letter to the Commission calling for the tariffs to be removed. This included associations from 22 Member States and represented more than 100,000 companies and over 1,3 million jobs. This letter was followed up with a meeting with the Commission, where representatives from all over Europe – from Greece to Slovakia – came and explained how the tariffs were slowing solar deployment in their countries.

Leading environmental NGOs

Greenpeace, WWF, Climate Action Network, E3G and the Okoinstitute wrote a joint letter to the Commission calling for the tariffs to be lifted in the name of fighting climate change and meeting the commitments of the 2015 Paris climate change conference.

In pictures:

Our campaign in photos


"The trade measures have been in place for a long time, they have brought only decline to the European solar sector. As a leading European solar company we need the Commission to remove these measures to allow the sector to grow sustainably again. If Europe is serious about leading in renewables, then the solar sector must be allowed to grow again and the European Commission can support this with one easy action – removing the trade measures."
Seb Berry
Head of Public Affairs, Solarcentury
“If the solar trade measures were removed, solar would be cheaper than coal in Slovakia today – the trade duties are simply delaying the energy transition in Europe”
Veronika Galekova
Head of the Slovakian
Solar Energy Association
“We believe as global NGOs in favour of 100% renewable energy and supporting the decarbonisation moving away from fossil fuels, that it is necessary that all kinds of restrictions and barriers, particularly to solar, needs to be removed’
Stephen Singer
CAN International


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