Energy & Climate Framework



The growth of renewable energies in Europe must be ensured by ambitious and reliable targets and by underpinning robust legislation. The current market design  and the natural inertia of the energy sector would be unable to deliver investments in renewables, which are needed to enhance the sustainability, security and competitiveness of our energy system.  


SolarPower Europe favours: 

  • The full implementation of the Renewable Energy Directive (2009/28/EC), including minimum renewable energy requirements for buildings, truly streamlined administrative and connection procedures, guaranteed access to the grid and priority dispatch, transparent and timely monitoring of and reporting on the progressive renewable energy growth.
  • Stable and predictable investment frameworks for renewable energies. We deplore sudden and retrospective policy changes; we call for an enhanced watchdog role for the European Commission and for swift and transparent State Aid notification and assessment procedures.
  • A 35% renewable energy target by 2030.
  • Reliable and transparent governance for the achievement of the 2030 renewable energy target, to provide visibility for the energy sector on where and on which technologies to invest.
  • European legislation underpinning the 2030 RES target.
  • The strengthening of the European Emissions Trading Scheme , allowing the steady increase of CO2 prices to levels that can at least guarantee that flexible gas plants become more competitive than inflexible, polluting and old coal plants.