European Commission Opens Interim Review on the Solar Panel Trade Case

Today the European Commission announced an interim review into the price mechanism used to determine the price of panels imported into the European Union from China. This move follows the announcement to extend the anti-dumping and anti-subsidy measures applied to imports of solar panels from China for 18 months, a 6 month decrease from the original proposal of 24 months.

James Watson, SolarPower Europe CEO, commented ‘Today the European Commission started the first action in the process of phasing out the deeply unpopular trade measures on solar panels and cells. The Interim Review appears to suggest that the duties and the minimum import price (MIP) will be replaced with one single variable MIP that will be regularly adjusted to reflect market developments. It is very important that any new mechanism does reflect the market today, as the former MIP became obsolete based on its failure to reflect the market to even the tiniest degree.’

Kristina Thoring, Political Communications Advisor at SolarPower Europe, added ‘We encourage the European Commission to bring forward a system that reflects the global market price so that European industries, companies and consumers can benefit from the huge fall in the cost of solar. The trade measures have denied this to our society for the past 4 years. We will engage with the European Commission and the Member States to make sure that the views of the European solar industry are taken into account.’

The Interim Review on the trade measures could last for up to 9 months, however, with the duration of the extension of measures of just 18 months it is hoped that the European Commission will complete this Interim Review as soon as possible.

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