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PV Financing: Step-by-step guide to the solar cash flow model and country database

June 14, 2017 - 15:30 - 16:30 CEST

Free to attend. 

Do you need a solar cash flow model for different European markets to check against your own? Do you need regulatory and permitting information on one or more of the EU's 28 national markets? If yes, tune in to our dedicated webinar from the PV Financing project.

During this webinar experienced consultants Eclareon will be walking the audience step-by-step through the various models available, the sensitivity analyses and scenarios it can produce.

We will also be talking through the information available for all 28 EU countries plus Turkey in the PV Financing country database, which has info on administrative processes, steps for grid connection and support schemes. The cash flow model is available in both a simple online version and a more advanced Excel version, with specific versions for France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, UK and Turkey.

Both the cash flow model and the database can be viewed on the project's website


15:30 Introduction, Sonia Dunlop, SolarPower Europe 

15:35 Presentation of the PV Financing cash flow model, Christian Grundner, Eclareon 

16:00 Presentation of the PV Financing database on national markets, Celine Najdawi, Eclareon 

16:25 Conclusions, Sonia Dunlop, SolarPower Europe 

16:30 End of webinar  Participants are very welcome to ask questions during the webinar using the questions bar. 

Free registration here

For more information contact:

    Sonia Dunlop

    T: +32 2 709 55 28