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Energy Storage Summit

February 28 - March 1 2017 - London, UK  

Announcing Energy Storage Summit 2017.

Britain continues to be confronted with an "energy trilemma" -  the need to ensure security of supply, keeping costs low for consumers and to decarbonise. Intelligently used, energy storage could be one of the very few technologies to meet all three aims. It could act as a cost-avoiding measure for the network and contribute to decarbonisation in a multitude of ways, including helping to balance the grid and enable more renewables to be deployed.

Energy Storage Summit returns to London in February, and with interest building around the potential of the UK storage sector, the event expands across two days in 2017 to reflect the upward trajectory of this exciting market.


Do not miss the presentation of Sonia Dunlop, Policy Adviser of SolarPower Europe.



For more information contact:

    Tina Stojanovic

    T: +32 2 704 46 71