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Solar PV Investment Attractiveness and Bankability in the sub-Saharan region

7 February 2017 - Brussels, Belgium

Access to finance and assessment of risks during the project's lifetime.

SolarPower Europe in collaboration with the African-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme (RECP) organised free half a day workshop to address bankability and moreover receive the opinion from active financiers in the region.

Africa has a very promising solar photovoltaic market to explore - off grid and on grid - and until today there has been only a fraction of its potential realised.  

The proven value (social and economic), the enhanced environmental awareness coupled with the increased demand for power and high electricity prices have shifted the focus to more sustainable and clean solutions, such as solar. However, as in all new markets, challenges for growth exist on all fronts - political, financial, industrial.   

Africa has a unique advantage to overcome some of those challenges and avoid mistakes of other regions around the world, by using existing knowledge and experience and tailoring solutions to the local needs.  

Download presentations:


Michael Franz, RECP



Stefan Degener, First Solar



Hatem Mahbouli, ElectriFI



Bernd Parting, KfW DEG



Geoff Sinclair, Camco Clean Energy


About African-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme (RECP)

The RECP, a development programme funded by the European Commission and several EU member states, supports the development of vibrant renewable energy markets on the African continent. It facilitates African and European business cooperation through the provision of market information, the identification of specific project opportunities and targeted match-making activities. Further, the RECP supports projects in Africa in reaching bankability and connects them with financiers seeking investment opportunities. 

While many European solar companies are increasingly interested in Africas rapidly developing energy markets, its often difficult to find reliable information or partners, and access to these markets. To close this gap, SolarPower Europe and the RECP formed a partnership. Under the partnership, SolarPower Europe will inform its members of RECPs services and be their first point of information. The RECP will support and advise companies entering into the African solar market. Lastly, RECP will also support companies in identifying the right source of funding for their projects in Africa.

RECP is currently preparing to roll out the core of its advisory services in early 2016 and we will keep all our members updated on upcoming cooperation opportunities and services offered by RECP.

For more information contact:

    Tina Stojanovic

    T: +32 2 704 46 71