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SolarPower Strategy Committee Meeting

14 December 2016 - Brussels, Belgium

2016: 4th Meeting

The development of solar is closely linked to the evolution of the regulatory framework. European legislation in particular, will continue to play a key role in steering the energy transition. As a member-led organisation, SolarPower Europe believes that the direct involvement of its members in shaping positions on policy topics is crucial. The Strategy Committee is the place for that to happen.

It is in charge of positioning the solar sector on overarching policy issues and keeps a dialogue with relevant stakeholders and partners from neighbouring sectors, experts and policy-makers.

Under the umbrella of this Committee, SolarPower Europe will encourage the set-up of specific Task Forces to work on concrete positions or deliverables on particular topics of interest to members.

More details here.

Chair: Simone Diodato Antonelli (ENEL)

Vice-Chairs: Andreas Wade (First Solar) and Wolfgang Storm (Wacker)

Members only! If you are interested to join, please contact our Business Development Team

 For more information contact:

   Alexandre Roesch

   Policy Director

   T: +32 2 709 55 22