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SolarPower Europe Webinar: Market opportunities for energy storage in Europe

May 23 2017 - 15:00 - 16:00 CEST

Free for Members.

The global energy storage market is set for continued growth and is expected  to reach a volume of about 40 GWh in 2025, roughly thirty times the size of what it is today. A significant part of this is expected to come from Germany and the UK - but what are the concrete opportunities for market players?

Apricum Partner Florian Mayr had a closer look at established schemes and emerging use cases in the two countries, such as EFR, FFR, PCR, C&I grid fee reduction and PV self-consumption.  In addition to providing a comprehensive description of the schemes regarding operations, counterparties, revenue streams and mechanisms, he will examine relevant demand drivers, regulatory developments and economic viability. The webinarl provided valuable guidance for business decisions for both established players and new entrants to the energy storage market.

The webinar was free for SolarPower Europe Members, and 199EUR for non-members!

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For more information contact:

    Tina Stojanovic

    T: +32 2 704 46 71