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Climate change mitigation technologies

21-22 September 2017 - Athens, Greece

Conference on innovative activities.

The conference 'Climate change mitigation technologies' (CCMTs), taking place in Athens on 21-22 September  2017,at the Divani Caravel Hotel (Room Pella-Mycenae) is a joint initiative of the European Patent Office (European Patent Academy) and the Hellenic Industrial Property Organisation


The conference will target roughly 100 participants among representatives of Industry, Research Centres, Universities, TTOs, Innovation Agencies and National Patent Offices.  Innovative activity in CCMTs contributes to dramatic cost reductions and rapid technology deployment.


Patent systems promote innovation and facilitate the spread of inventions while guaranteeing legal protection across multiple markets. The focus of the conference is the development and deployment of CCMTs. Thus, success stories on CCMT innovation by European companies will be presented that showcase both aspects. Panel discussion will offer a platform for representatives of various international organization representatives to discuss developments and challenges that we face currently to the deployment of CCMT in Europe.

Visit to Register and also see the Programme.


Deadline for registrations: 15.9.17.  

Since the number of participants for this workshop is limited, the participation will be decided on a first come, first served basis'.

 For more information contact:

    Tina Stojanovic

    T: +32 2 704 46 71