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SolarPower Webinar: PV Cleaning: Choosing the Optimal Method and Frequency

18 October 2017- Online, Webinar

As PV development in desert regions has skyrocketed, PV cleaning has become a prominent topic among solar industry professionals working in the utility-scale segment.

To date, a wide range of solutions both with and without the use of water have been applied, including manual cleaning, truck- or tractor-mounted systems, semi-automated robotics and fully automated robotic systems. With this multitude of options, how should a PV power plant owner decide on a cleaning method to use? Many parameters, which can be location specific and project specific, are at play and will affect the selection of an ideal cleaning program. 


In this webinar, Apricum Project Manager James Kurz explained

  • In which regions PV cleaning is most important and why
  • Illustrate why project owners should choose the cleaning method based on project NPV and explain the potential conflicts that can arise between EPCs, project developers and asset owners 
  • Highlight the most important parameters influencing the selection of a cleaning method and/or frequency 
  • Provide examples for several project scenarios and highlight where certain solutions, e.g., fully automated systems 


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