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SolarPower Webinar: New Minimum Import Price (MIP) -What It Means and What to Expect Next in the EU-China trade case

28 September 2017- Online at 12:00

This webinar is free for SolarPower Europe members, policy-makers and media

On 15th September, the European Commission published the new Minimum Import Price (MIP) regulation which sets the price on solar panels and cells imported into the EU from China. This webinar will be presented by Dr James Watson CEO of SolarPower Europe. The webinar includes a 30 minute Q&A for your questions on the MIP and associated topics.  


This webinar will explain:

  • What has happened to date
  • The new MIP regulation and implications for businesses in the European Union
  • What is expected to happen next in the EU-China trade case


This webinar is available for SolarPower Europe members, policymakers and the media.



 For more information contact:

   Kristina Thoring

   T: +32 2 709 55 26