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Free SolarPower Webinar: Fact vs Myth: Solar power and grid stability

26 October 2017- Online, Webinar



This webinar with Dr. Mahesh Morjaria, Vice President, PV Systems Development at First Solar, addressed how flexible and controllable utility-scale solar provides the means to cost-effectively integrate increasing shares of solar in the generation mix. Along with various desirable attributes of solar electricity, rapidly declining costs are contributing to a significant increase in adoption. This variable generation resource is already changing the way system operators are managing the grid.  Real-time operational considerations will further increase with even higher penetration.

The webinar Fact vs Myth: Solar power and grid stability will provided following insights:

  • how utility-scale PV provides essential reliability services to the grid
  • operational flexibility in utility-scale solar plants and how it affects grid operations
  • how effect utility-scale solar has on specific load situations
  • application of advanced PV power plant grid services to Europe and European grid regulation.

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