march, 2019

14mar16:0017:00Webinar: On-site vs. off-site corporate sourcingOnlineType:For Members,Our Events


(Thursday) 16:00 - 17:00



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Corporate sourcing strategies can be classified in many different ways, including on-site and off-site, and combinations of the two. This webinar will look at on-site corporate sourcing in particular, whether self-owned and self-invested, leased, an on-site PPA or a near-site direct wire PPA. Land and roofspace are always a key challenge, as is the long term rental of the roof of a building and the need for a back-up grid connection. How can these challenges be taken into account in the internal decision making process? What are the different models of on-site corporate sourcing? And finally we will hear from IKEA as a case study of how this can be done in multiple markets across Europe.


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