I Want a Solar Powered Europe Campaign

Within only a decade, solar energy has developed to the fastest growing energy technology all over Europe and the world. Today we can proudly say that solar energy has become a mainstream energy source, and we are impatiently looking forward to what the future will bring. At SolarPower Europe we have a clear vision of solars role in Europs future energy mix:


We want to make solar power, Europes core energy. We want a solar powered Europe!


Reflecting our re-branding, we want to spread the word of the new EPIA, SolarPower Europe, by inviting you all to take part in our online campaign I want a solar powered Europe. We think you share our aspiration! Tell us why you would like to see a solar powered Europe and we will make it happen!

  • Get involved on Twitter and tell us, @SolarPowerEU why you want #solarpoweredeurope!


Many people are already involved, from industry experts to key European decision makers, in the campaign. Stay tuned to see their messages of support for a SolarPowered Europe. Join them and join us!