Photo: Solar plant near Pleven, Bulgari (Stoex-2008 OOD).

New Digitalization Task Force 

By Alexandre Roesch, Policy Director at SolarPower Europe

In an energy system where solar becomes ubiquitous and prosumers-to-prosumers business models gain traction, data exchanges represent a strategic resource. We are moving into an energy ecosystem where active buildings, storage and e-mobility will require new processes to aggregate and better control energy loads and thus develop local optimisation strategies.

In this context, we believe digitalisation of the energy sector can help deploying new solar-based services for small and large consumers. But, similarly important, we think digitalised solar can bring more value to the whole energy system.

To further explore these synergies between solar and digitalization, SolarPower Europe is launching a new Task Force on digitalization. A scoping workshop will take place on 8 December in Brussels from 9:30 to 13:30 where all interested stakeholders (aggregators, utilities, storage companies, IT solutions providers, inverters and solar companies) will be brought together and define a precise mandate for the Task Force.

The scoping workshop is open to non-members. To register, please contact