19 June 2018

Solar grows by 30% in 2017 with demand set to rise over next 5 years

SolarPow er Europe today launched the 'Global Market Outlook for Solar Power 2018-2022.' The report confirms that 2017 was another outstanding year for the solar sector and that growth will continue for the coming five years. The world installed 99.1 GW in 2017 and is anticipated to exceed the 100 GW level in 2018. SolarPower Europe estimates that solar is on course to add another 621.7 GW by 2022.

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19 June 2018

SolarPower Europe launches world's first Solar O&M Best Practices Mark

Today at Intersolar Europe, SolarPower Europe launched the SolarO&M Best Practices Mark, a self-certification-based label to promote transparency and excellence in the Operation and Maintenance sector.

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14 June 2018

Solar wins big - as EU increases renewable energy target

The European Parliament, European Council and European Commission have agreed to a binding 32% EU renew able energy target for 2030, up from the original proposal of 27%.

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6 June 2018

Leading corporate buyers and clean energy suppliers join forces tounlock huge untapped renewable energy sourcing opportunities inEurope

Google, Microsoft, IKEA Group, BT, Danone, Amazon, Enel Green Power, Engie, RES, Iberdrola, Novartis and Facebook, Inc.  have become Steering Group members of the RE-Source Platform, which pools resources and coordinates activities to promote a better framework for corporate renewable energy. The companies were announced today at the official launch of the Platform during the EU Sustainable Energy Week. These major corporate energy users and supply side companies were highlighting the growing demand for clean energy and the need for clear and enabling policy frameworks.

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1 June 2018

Major European stakeholders call on the EU Council to improve ambition on small-scale renewable installations

Today, 17 European associations under the umbrella of the Small is Beautiful Campaign urgeEuropean policymakers to re-open the debate on priority dispatch and balancing responsibility for small-scale renewable installations and demonstration projects, ahead of the upcoming trialogue meeting on the Electricity Market Design Regulation.

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31 May 2018

European energy intensive companies call for a strong EU framework for energy self-consumption

Ten of Europe's major energy intensive companies urged European policy makers to set up the right framework for industrial and commercial self-consumption of energy, ahead of negotiations on the Renewable Energy Directive on 31st May.

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25 May 2018

Over 250 EU companies and associations urge the European Commission: Bring Europe's largest Trade Case to an End

Organisations from all 28 EU Member States have called on the European Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker, to honour his promise of February 2017 and phase out the trade measures on solar panels and cells imported to the EU from China and other Asian countries.

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23 May 2018

EBC joins the Small is Beautiful campaign

EBC, the European Builders Confederation representing construction micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in Europe, has joined the Small is Beautiful campaign to support small-scale renewable and co-generation installations in Europe. These installations are currently under threat in the Clean Energy Package negotiations, as Member States move to withdraw incentives, such as priority dispatch for the smallest renewable installations.

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15 May 2018

UIPI joins Small is Beautiful Campaign

UIPI, the International Union of Property Owners, representing more than 5 million private property owners in the EU, has joined the Small is Beautiful campaign to support small-scale renewable and cogeneration installations in Europe. These installations are currently under threat in the Clean Energy Package negotiations, as Member States move to erode incentives, such as priority dispatch for the smallest renewables installations.

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10 May 2018

Launch event announced for RE-Source Platform: bringing together renewable energy buyers and sellers

The launch event for the RE-Source Platform will take place in Brussels on Wednesday 6 June, as part of Sustainable Energy Week.  Up to 400 participants will gather in the European Commission's Charlemagne building, including representatives from European institutions and industry, with electricity sellers and buyers in attendance. Together, they will formally launch the RE-Source Platform, where clean energy buyers and suppliers can pool resources and pave the way forward for corporate renewable energy sourcing in Europe. 

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8 May 2018

REScoop.eu joins the Small is Beautiful Campaign

REScoop.eu, the European federation for renewable energy cooperatives representing approximately 1,500 European energy cooperatives and 1 million energy citizens in Europe, has joined the Small is Beautiful campaign to support small scale renewable and high efficiency co-generation installations in Europe, which are currently under threat in the Clean Energy Package negotiations.

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19 April 2018

Energy Cities joins the Small is Beautiful Campaign

Energy Cities, the European Association of local authorities in energy transition, has joined forces with SolarPower Europe and 12 other associations, to support small-scale renewable and high efficiency co-generation installations in Europe, which are currently at risk under new EU legislation.

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15 March 2018

SolarPower Europe: 5 Board Directors elected

5 new Directors were elected to the SolarPower Europe Board. Christian Westermeier, President of SolarPower Europe commented on the outcome of the election, "We are delighted with our newly elected board members, who represent diverse and strong solar market players. They bring a breadth of professional expertise to our association that will bring even more knowledge to the leadership of SolarPower Europe."

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14 March 2018

Global Solar Market Grows Over 29% in 2017 with even more to come in 2018

SolarPower Europe presented its latest solar market data at the SolarPower Summit, which illustrated a very successful 2017 for the industry. Global solar power additions increased by 29.3% to 98.9 GW in 2017, in comparison to 76.5 GW in 2016. The European solar market grew at nearly the same growth rate, increasing by 28.4% to 8.6 GW in 2017, up from 6.7 GW of newly installed capacity the year before

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14 March 2018

SolarPower Summit: Companies call for more solar digitalisation

Today, at the SolarPower Summit, 50 leading companies announced their support for further digitalisation of the solar and energy sector. SolarPower Europe's 'Go Digital' declaration was officially handed over to Megan Richards, Director of Energy Policy in DG Energy, European Commission. 

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13 March 2018

SolarPower Europe launches Emerging Markets Task Force to create solar opportunities 

Today, SolarPower Europe held the first kick-off meeting of its new Emerging Markets Task Force , which was initiated by Eni. The meeting was opened by Hans van Steen, Advisor to the Director of Renewables, Research and Innovation, Energy Efficiency, DG Energy in the Commission and Luca Cosentino, Executive Vice-President of Eni Energy Solutions.

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7 March 2018

SolarPower Europe and the European Association for Electrical Contractors (AIE) announce new cooperation agreement to power Europe's energy future 

SolarPower Europe and the European Association for Electrical Contractors (AIE) are thrilled to announce the beginning of a new cooperation between the two trade associations.

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26 February 2018

SolarPower Europe Wins Best Provision of Industry Information and Intelligence at the European Associations Awards 2018

SolarPower Europe was named the winner of the Best Provision of Industry Information and Intelligence at the European Association Awards (EAA).

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23 February 2018

EU Industry Day: Europe to take solar industry leadership

Today, the first Clean Energy Industrial Forum was launched at the EU Industry Day. Maros Sefcovic, Vice-President of the European Commission, opened the Forum, which aims to drive the competitiveness of solar and clean energy technologies.

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21 February 2018

European Parliament Supports a Clean Energy Future

On a bright sunny day, the European Parliament's ITRE Committee voted on the Electricity Market Regulation and Electricity Market Directive.

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9 February 2018

European Solar Market Grows 28% in 2017  

European countries installed at least 8.61 GW of solar power systems in 2017 - that is a 28% increase in comparison to the 6.72 GW added in 2016, according to a first estimate from SolarPower Europe, the association of the solar power sector in Europe. EU member states grew by around 6% to 6.03 GW in 2017 from 5.69 GW in 2016. 

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17 January 2018

European Parliament confirms commitment to solar 

Today the European Parliament has become a clean energy champion. MEPs have agreed on an ambitious 35% European renewable energy objective by 2030, with this vote the Parliament is bringing the EU back on track to global leadership on renewables.

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9 January 2018

European Commission launches Clean Energy Industrial Forum to Boost Solar Jobs and Investment in Europe

Today, the European Commission's first High-Level Meeting of the Clean Energy Industrial Forum on Renewables, led by European Commissioner Miguel Canete, addressed the key issues of trade policy, industrial competitiveness and R&D&I for the renewables and solar sector in Europe.

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7 December 2017

Optimising Europe's solar plants: Definitive guidance to support further solar growth

Today in London, SolarPower Europe launched its 2.0 Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Best Practices Guidelines at the O&M and Asset Management Conference. The guidelines are the result of the work of more than 70 experts, including O&M contractors, asset owners, asset managers and monitoring tool providers, who are part of SolarPower Europe's O&M Task Force .

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5 December 2017

Digital solar and storage fast-track the energy transition

Over 200 smart energy players came together for the first European event on 'Digital Solar & Storage' on the 4-5 December at the BMW World in Munich.

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28 November 2017

RES Association: ITRE committee's endorsement of a 35% renewable energy target for 2030 can bring the EU back on track to global leadership

One year ago, the European Commission presented the Clean Energy for All Europeans legislative package, but it's headline target of 27% renewable energy by 2030 fell short of its ambitions. With today's vote, adopting a target of at least 35% renewables, the European Parliament Committee for Industry, Research and Energy puts the EU within reach of meeting its objective of being world leader in renewables.

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9 November 2017

Small is Beautiful: Don't burden small businesses and consumers, empower them to boost the energy transition!

The trade associations representing key players in Europe's energy transition urge policy makers to take a step-wise approach towards the market integration of small-scale renewable and high efficiency cogeneration installations.

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6 November 2017

Solar to create 94,000 new jobs in Europe by 2021

Solar jobs and wealth creation in Europe are set to increase to nearly 175,000 full time jobs and 9,500M value added by 2021, according to a new EY report. The EY report also shows that an increase in ambition for the European Union 2030 renewable energy target from 27% to 35% will result in more than 120,000 new solar jobs alone.

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31 October 2017

RE-Source platform: the European platform for corporate renewable energy sourcing launched 

SolarPower Europe and WindEurope, RE100 and WBCSD have established the RE-Source Platform. It is the first and only multi-stakeholder platform in Europe bringing together the interests of both renewable energy buyers and sellers. The RE-Source platform will pool resources and coordinate activities to promote a better policy framework for renewable energy sourcing, at EU and national level.

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26 October 2017

Global Solar Market Demand to Reach 100 GW in 2017

SolarPower Europe's latest market analysis shows that annual global demand for solar power is set to reach the 100 GW level for the first time ever. This will be a growth of over 30% from 2016 levels, the previous record year for solar installations when 76.6 GW of solar were connected to the grid.

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11 October 2017

Wind and solar could power business all over Europe

The private sector accounts for around half of Europe's electricity consumption. Powering corporate consumers with renewable energy could deliver massive reductions in CO2 emissions, save businesses money and make it easier for people to invest in renewables.

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4 October 2017

World's first report on digitalisation and solar

Today, SolarPower Europe published the 'Digitalisation & Solar' report, thought to be the first in-depth analysis of digital technology in solar PV in the world.

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25 September 2017

European islands need a solar powered energy transition

Speaking at the Forum, James Watson CEO of SolarPower Europe said "We support the EU's Clean Energy for EU Islands Initiative. It will empower European islands and help them generate their own, sustainable and secure low-cost solar energy" Watson added "Solar and storage is the perfect answer to the challenges faced by islands that often have a high reliance on diesel. This technology mix makes good economic sense as solar is already more affordable than diesel in many regions of Europe".

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20 September 2017

SolarPower Europe signs Tallinn e-Energy declaration to increase digitalisation 

Yesterday in Tallinn, SolarPower Europe signed the Estonian's Presidency e-Energy declaration alongside major EU energy stakeholders.

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8 September 2017

Solar Panels Trade Case: revised price control mechanism regulation through on a technicality

Yesterday, in a meeting of the EU Member States trade experts, the European Commission proposal to replace the price undertaking with a new Minimum Import Price (MIP) on solar panels and cells was opposed by 13 Member States and actively supported by only 1 Member State.

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5 September 2017

SolarPower Europe launches new Solar Industrial Competitiveness Task Force

Today, SolarPower Europe held the kick-off meeting of its new Solar Industrial Competitiveness Task Force. The meeting was a major success with a lot of constructive and useful input from European manufactures and downstream players on what Europe needs to do to ensure maximum value in the whole PV supply chain.

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20 July 2017

DG Trade Proposes New Price Control Mechanism for Solar Panels 

Late yesterday evening, the European Commission set out a proposal for a new mechanism for controlling the price of solar panels and cells imported to the European Union from China. The products' prices had previously been governed by a minimum import price (MIP) system that the European Commission acknowledges had failed. The new system was intended to address that failure. 

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10 July 2017

EU RES Industry Rejects Retroactive Changes on Priority Dispatch

On Tuesday 11 July, the ITRE Committee members will discuss the MEP Karins report on the electricity market design. The main renewable industries represented in Brussels have sent a joint letter today urging MEP Karins, the lead MEP, and MEPS from the ITRE Committee to keep in mind crucial issues that seem to have been ignored in the debate around priority dispatch.

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10 July 2017

Large energy consumers hungry for green power

Google, Norsk Hydro and Facebook are leading the growing trend of major companies looking to secure reliable and competitive power from renewable energy and reduce the risks associated with fossil fuel-based power supply. 

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28 June 2017

10 regulatory asks for increased digital solar

One week after the SolarPower Dialogues where European energy leaders explained how solar is driving the digitalisation of the European energy transition, SolarPower Europe has published its "Regulatory asks on solar and digitalisation".

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26 June 2017

A European power market designed to deliver a clean future for European citizens

Thirteen industry leaders and associations have launched today "Make Power Clean," a joint initiative to promote a European electricity market designed to deliver cleaner energy for all.

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23 June 2017

The Electrification Alliance - Electricity for an Efficient and Decarbonised Europe

Avere, EURELECTRIC, the European Copper Institute, the European Heat Pump Association, SolarPower Europe and WindEurope have joined forces to launch the Electrification Alliance, calling for electricity to be recognised as the key energy carrier for an efficient and decarbonised European future.

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21 June 2017

Solar Powering the Digital Energy Transition

On Europe's brightest solar day, energy leaders came together for the 'SolarPower Dialogues' to discuss the incredible achievements of solar, and how solar is driving the digitalisation of the European energy transition.

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21 June 2017

SolarPower Europe unveils SolarPower Live Map on solar's brightest day

On the year's longest and brightest day, SolarPower Europe, launched the most dynamic and accurate tool for close to real-time mapping of solar power generation in Europe.

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13 June 2017

Global Solar Council Selects New CEO, Jodie Roussell

The Global Solar Council has selected Jodie Roussell to be the Council's new Chief Executive Officer. Roussell will assume the new role on 1 August 2017. The Global Solar Council represents national and regional solar associations, and the leading global corporations operating in solar, across an industry that now employs over 3 Million people worldwide.

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31 May 2017

Solar power drives the digitalisation of energy

The European solar PV association, SolarPower Europe, has today launched its 'Seven commitments on digitalisation', part of the work of its Digitalisation & Solar Task Force which was set up in December last year. The commitments cover prosumer choice, peer-to-peer trading and smart and stable grids among other topics, all of which are seen as part of bringing forward 'digital solar'.

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30 May 2017

Global Market Outlook 2017-2021: Solar Boom Continues

SolarPower Europe today launched the 'Global Market Outlook for Solar Power 2017-2021.' The report confirms that 2016 was another record year for solar, with global annual solar additions growing by 50% with 76.6 GW installed. There is now a total worldwide solar power generation capacity of 306.5 GW.

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17 May 2017

The renewable energy industry to regulators: protecting investments is key to pursue the European energy transition

On 11 May, the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER), together with the Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER), inappropriately undermined the European Commission's plans to make retroactive measures illegal under the proposed Renewable Energy Directive, by calling1. for an end to priority dispatch for existing renewable installations and to remove compensation for non-market based redispatch and curtailment.

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2 May 2017

Ten top policy changes to bring forward new solar business models across Europe

SolarPower Europe, the EU-level solar trade body, has today published a new report setting out ten policy changes that would allow new solar business models to come forward across Europe and ease financing for the sector.

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27 April 2017

Solar Bankability launches best practice guidelines to minimise solar PV investment risks

Today Solar Bankability announced its final publication Best Practice Guidelines for Risk Identification, Assessment and Mitigation and unveiled two new tools aimed at reducing technical risks associated with solar PV. 

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29 March 2017

AXIS Insurance Named Official Insurance Partner of SolarPower Europe 

AXIS Insurance, a business segment of AXIS Capital Holdings Limited (NYSE:AXS), and SolarPower Europe today announced that AXIS Insurance has been named the official insurance partner of SolarPower Europe. As part of the arrangement, AXIS Insurance will provide expertise and support to SolarPower Europe and its members to help them better understand and manage insurance risks across the solar energy industry. 

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24 March 2017

The European Dream we share, sixty years after the Treaties of Rome: clean energy, innovation and jobs

Common statement: ENTSO-E, ENTSOG, SolarPower Europe, WindEurope, EDSO, SEDC, T&D Europe.

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09 March 2017

SolarPower Europe: new President and 10 new Board Directors elected

Following the Board elections of SolarPower Europe on 8 March, Dr. Christian Westermeier, Vice President of Sales, Marketing & Application Engineering of Wacker Chemie AG, has been elected as the new President, replacing the outgoing Oliver Schaefer of Sunpower.

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7 March 2017

What's Next For Solar In Europe?

SolarPower Summit Opens in Brussels Announcing Record Breaking Global Solar Growth in 2016 As Europe Continues To Face Challenges

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3 March 2017

European Commission Opens Interim Review on the Solar Panel Trade Case

Today the European Commission announced an interim review into the price mechanism used to determine the price of panels imported into the European Union from China.

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2 March 2017

Solar Trade Case: EU Decision

The European Commission announced that it will reduce the period of application of trade measures on solar panels and cells imported from China, Malaysia and Taiwan.

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27 February 2017

SolarPower Europe Win Best Event at the European Association Awards

SolarPower Europe were named the winners of the Best Networking Event at the European Association Awards for the Solar Celebration: 100GW Event

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10 February 2017

Solar Bankability Project Outcome: Solar is a low-risk investment sector

Organised by SolarPower Europe, the final event of the Solar Bankability project took place 7- 8 February 2017 in Brussels. With more than 100 participants including companies covering the whole photovoltaic (PV) value chain, investors, financers, insurers and research institutes, the workshop was a successful conclusion of a 2-year project.

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3 February 2017

Global Solar Power Demand Grows Nearly 50% in 2016, Europe Drops By 20%

European countries installed around 6.9 GW of solar power systems in 2016 - a 20% decrease compared to the 8.6 GW that was grid-connected in 2015, according to SolarPower Europe, the association of the solar power sector in Europe. In the same period, the global on-grid solar power market grew by about 49% to around 76.1 GW in 2016, from about 51.2 GW in 2015.

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26 January 2017

Member States' Reject Solar Trade Duties in an Historic Day for EU Trade Policy 

Today in a meeting of the EU Member States trade experts, the European Commission's proposal to extend trade measures on solar panels and cells imported from China, Taiwan and Malaysia was defeated.

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17 January 2017

Solar Module Production Capacities and Output Decline in the EU in 2016

Solar module production capacities in the European Union (EU) decreased in 2016, while the output of EU factories dropped in a two-digit range, according to a survey by SolarPower Europe, the association of the European solar sector.

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11 January 2017

Innovation in business models and financing key as solar PV sector moves into next phase

SolarPower Europe, the EU-level solar trade body, has today published a new report on the latest innovation in solar PV business models and financing schemes that they hope will see the industry into the next phase of the technology's development.

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21 December 2016

European Commission propose extension of trade measures on solar panels and cells

The European Commission has proposed to maintain the trade measures on solar panels and cells imported into the EU from Asia for two years.

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20 December 2016

European Solar Market Installs 1.56 GW In Third Quarter 2016, Down 10% Year-on-Year

SolarPower Europe's third quarter 2016 PV market update shows 1.56 GW of newly installed capacity in Europe in the months from June to September. That is about 10% less new solar power installed than the 1.73 GW in the same quarter 2015. 

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15 December 2016

Members of European Parliament Call for End of Trade Duties on Solar Modules and Cells 

22 MEPs including the Vice-Chair of the International Trade Committee and the Vice-Chair of the Energy Committee of the European Parliament have called on the European Commission to end the Minimum Import Price (MIP), antidumping and anti-subsidy duties on solar panels and modules from China.

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The Era of Solar Powering Europe is Dawning 

30 November 2016

As the sun shines on Brussels today the European Commission has brought out its "Clean Energy for All Europeans" package, designed to build an energy future based on renewable energies. The package consists of a framework for the deployment of renewables to 2030 and the rules to govern the electricity market post 2020. Through this array of legislation the Commission has given the European solar industry an opportunity, but there is much to be done to take this chance and build a solar powered electricity system. 

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Solar Powering Buildings: A New Age of Energy Producing Homes  

30 November 2016

On a bright sunny Brussels day, the European Commission has brought out its "Clean Energy for All Europeans" package, designed to build a smart energy future based on renewable energies. The package gives an important focus on buildings, which will be a major enabler for this transition.

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SolarPower Europe Outlines 10 Policy Priorities for Solar & Storage

28 November 2016

SolarPower Europe is calling on the European Commission to address the needs of solar power and storage technology in its upcoming Energy Union Package. The association's Task Force on Solar & Storage has created 10 Policy Asks that are crucial to develop an appropriate framework for solar & storage.

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European industry associations call for a conclusion of the Environmental Goods Agreement by end 2016

25 November 2016

European industry associations from different sectors reiterate their support for the negotiations on the Environmental Goods Agreement (EGA) and would like to underline the importance of reaching a comprehensive agreement during the final negotiating round scheduled to start on 26 November 2016.

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12 October 2016

400 European Companies Call for the End of Trade Measures on Solar Products

Today, over 400 European companies covering all EU Member States sent a letter to European Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom, asking her to end the trade measures in place since 2012 on Chinese solar modules and cells.

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11 August 2016

SolarPower Europe passes the 150 member milestone

SolarPower Europe now represents more than 150 organisations active across the whole solar value chain in Europe. This is an increase in membership of over 50% compared to the beginning of last year.

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25 July 2016

Solar industry unveils new tenders guideline

SolarPower Europe's tendering task force has developed new guidelines which outline best practice for tendering schemes that are easy to implement, whilst ensuring that policy objectives are reached cost-effectively. From 1st January 2017, the EU State Aid regime for environmental protection and energy require Member States to issue tenders for the procurement of new solar plants above 1 MW. 

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20 July 2016

Commission shift to electrified transport on the right track says Platform for Electro-Mobility

The Platform for Electro-mobility welcomes the Commission's Strategy for Low Emission Mobility in driving the shift to clean, low carbon transport powered by electricity. Integrating all type of emissions is one key element of the uptake of electric vehicles, especially in cities and urban areas, allowing local and regional authorities to better comply with other European standards beyond CO2 emissions.

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19 July 2016

Binding renewable energy target - legislative proposals must now deliver

The post-2020 renewable energy directive must act as a spine for the renewable energy target and hold Member States to account.

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13 July 2016

SolarPower Europe Addresses the Informal Energy Council

Today SolarPower Europe CEO James Watson, addressed the Informal Energy Ministerial meeting in Bratislava under the Slovak Presidency.

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5 July 2016

Joint position paper on the review of PEF in the framework of the Energy Efficiency Directive

The signing organizations of this joint statement support the European Commission's initiative to review the PEF value based on a standardized calculation method.

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5 July 2016

The Solar Industry of Europe calls for the End of Trade Measures on Chinese Solar Panels and Cells

Today 34 solar and renewable energy organisations sent a letter to Commissioner Malmstrom calling on the European Commission to end punitive trade measures on Chinese solar panels and cells. The organisations, representing over 1,3 million European jobs and more than 120,000 European companies, believe that the measures are having a negative impact on the solar sector in Europe.

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23 June 2016

O&M Best Practices Guidelines launched at Intersolar 

SolarPower Europe published its Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Best Practice Guidelines at Intersolar Europe. The Guidelines are the result of the work of the O&M Task Force convened in January 2015.

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21 June 2016

2016: Global solar boom, European demand slowing

SolarPower Europe released its flagship market report the 'Global Market Outlook for Solar Power 2016-2020' showing that a total of 229 GW of solar power was installed in the world end of 2015, an over 45-fold market increase in only 10 years.

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16 June 2016

Energy Union proposals to unlock the benefits of demand sideflexibility and energy efficiency

The energy sector has embarked on a fundamental transformation. A crucial element of this transformation is the development of the demand side of energy markets through energy efficiency, demand side response, distributed generation, storage, the use of digital technologies.

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09 June 2016

Making the EU ETS relevant after the Paris Agreement

We, a group of companies involved across the energy sector, urge the EU to use the current revision of EU ETS to deliver the required low carbon investment signals to meet the long term objective agreed in Paris.

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 4 May 2016

SolarPower Europe Celebrates 100GW Solar Power Installed in Europe 

According to new information from IHS Inc. (NYSE: IHS), Europe recently reached an important solar energy milestone, installing 100 gigawatts (GW) of grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) power. To mark this key development, SolarPower Europe, the industry association for solar power in the region, will hold a celebratory event on 29 September 2016 in Brussels.

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22 April 2016

SolarPower Europe joins the Platform for Electro-mobility 

The Platform for Electro-mobility is a collaborative multi-stakeholder effort to accelerate the transition in Europe towards sustainable multimodal electromobility, mobility that uses zero-resource electricity (wind, solar, wave, tidal) as the prime energy source.

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20 April 2016

Europaische Solarverband SolarPower Europe kritisiert EEG Entwurf

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5 April 2016

Cross-sector group of industry associations call on EU to deliver flexible power markets

SolarPower Europe and a group of other industry associations from different sectors have today called for ambitious proposals for electricity market reforms in 2016. The industry associations are challenging policymakers to adopt a flexible and dynamic energy system, making the best use of innovative and distributed supply and demand options.

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4 April 2016

Solar and Storage: Regulatory Adjustments needed to unlock huge Potential 

Solar and storage are mutually reinforcing and provide new opportunities for European consumers as well as for the grid. To unlock this potential, SolarPower Europe, the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA) and the Association of European Automotive and Industrial Battery Manufacturers (EUROBAT) presented today joint proposals in a new policy paper on Solar and Storage.

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7 March 2016

SolarPower Europe calls for 35% renewable energy target

Today SolarPower Europe officially called on the European Commission, Member States and European Parliament to show more ambition on renewable energy in the light of the successful conclusion to COP21 in Paris. 

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4 March 2016

EGM: Four New Board of Directors Elected 

Four New Directors have been elected to the SolarPower Europe Board at the Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) on 2 March. "We are delighted with our new board members, who represent diverse and strong market players bringing great competencies to our association," says Oliver Schafer, President of SolarPower Europe. 

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3 March 2016

2015: A Positive Year for Solar

In 2015, solar grew by 15% in Europe connecting 8 GW of solar power to the grid. Global grid-connected solar increased by 25% to an estimated 50.1 GW in 2015, from 40.2 GW in 2014. SolarPower Europe presented its industry figures today at the 11th Solar Market Workshop. 

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9 February 2016

European solar market grows 15% in 2015

In 2015, European countries connected around 8 GW of solar power systems to electrical networks, according to first estimates by SolarPower Europe, the association of the solar power sector in Europe. Demand for solar power systems in European countries increased by around 15% year-on-year, compared to 6.95 GW of new grid-connected solar power capacity in 2014.

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13 December 2015

New climate agreement fast-tracks energy transition

After two weeks of negotiations a climate agreement to curb greenhouse gases and limit the rise in global temperatures to less than 2C has been reached.  "We are delighted by the outcome of COP21. The Paris agreement puts the energy transition in the fast-track as 196 countries have committed to legally binding targets, retreating from polluting fuels and investing in clean, sustainable energy" says Oliver Schafer, President of SolarPower Europe.

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7 December 2015

European Commission launches expiry review on solar trade measures

On Saturday 5th December, the European Commission announced the formal initiation of an expiry review into the trade defence measures in place on solar modules and cells imported from China. This means that the Minimum Import Price (MIP) and duties are extended for a maximum period of 15 months, while the European Commission conducts a review of the situation.

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6 December 2015

Global Solar Council launched at COP21

The Global Solar Council (GSC) has been established by the leading regional and national solar associations to unify the solar power sector at an international level, share best practices and accelerate global market developments. 

"Today the solar power sector has united to fight climate change," says Bruce Douglas, Chairman of the GSC and Chief Operating Officer at SolarPower Europe. 

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3 December 2015

Commitment towards a renewable-based energy system in Europe: a unique opportunity to limit global warming

Moving away from the extensive use of fossil fuels by focusing on renewable energy and energy efficiency is an absolute prerequisite to stay below a 2 degrees Celsius temperature increase. Technical solutions to ensure a fuel switch in electricity production, heating and cooling of buildings, industrial processes as well as transport already exist.   

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3 December 2015

Solar Power Making a Major Contribution to Jobs and Wealth in Europe, but the Full Potential is not yet Realised

A new EY study assessing the socio-economic contribution of solar to jobs and value added in Europe is launched today. The study notes the impressive contribution that solar is making to job and wealth creation in Europe today and that by 2020, this contribution will grow. It also shows that the level of jobs in the solar sector has fallen from around 180,000 in 2008 to around 110,000 today.

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20 October 2015

European power sector says YES to an ambitious global agreement at COP21

11 associations active in the European energy sector urge the 196 parties to the Convention to reach an ambitious agreement at the end of this 21st session.

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18 November 2015

RES Statement on the State of the Energy Union

The European renewable energy industry welcomes the first State of the Energy Union which reiterates the Commissions commitment to a decarbonised energy system and sets milestones for the future governance of the Energy Union.

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6 October 2015

Minimum Import Price and Duties on Solar Modules and Cells: European Parliament Calls for their Conclusion

Today MEPs representing all major Political Groups in the European Parliament called on the European Commission to end the Minimum Import Price (MIP), anti-dumping and anti-subsidy duties on solar panels and modules from China. 

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22 September 2015 

21 European Solar Associations call on the European Commission to end anti-dumping and anti-subsidy duties on solar panels and cells 

21 EU solar associations, representing 19 EU member states, called on the European Commission to end the Minimum Import Price (MIP), anti-dumping and anti-subsidy duties on solar modules and cells imported from China.

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21 September 2015

Joint letter from the Renewable Energy Industry on investment protection

The current uncertainty in the European renewable energy investment climate could ripple throughout the wider economy. This is why we call on the Commission to adopt effective European measures, which would provide the much needed protection to our, and other economic, sectors.

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18 September 2015

Letter to UK government

The recent UK consultation on solar feed-in tariffs contains drastic policy changes that could severely limit solar development in the UK, in particular for residential rooftops. The UK government could close the successful feed-in tariff scheme from 1st January 2016.

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17 September 2015

SolarPower Europe Welcomes 50 New Members in 2015

SolarPower Europe, the new EPIA, has seen record growth in the number of members in 2015. More than 50 new members from across the value chain have joined the association this year; including large industry players, national solar associations, through to start-ups and SMEs.

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15 July 2015

ENTSO-E and SolarPower Europe release a joint report on increasing Solar Generation while Maintaining system stability even in Solar Eclipses

On the day of the Summer package ENTSO-E and SolarPower Europe are launching their common report Solar Eclipse: the successful stress test of Europes Power Grid.

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Date : 25 June 2015

Solar Power for all: We Want a Solar Powered Europe!

Brussels, 25 June. Today as part of the launch of SolarPower Europe, the new EPIA, a continent wide campaign was kicked off to get people from all over Europe involved in the call for more solar power in Europe! The campaign launch also sees the unveiling of the new SolarPower Europe website.

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Date : 16 June 2015

SolarPower Europe comment on European Commissions progress report on 2020 renewable energy targets

16 June, Brussels. Today Climate and Energy Commissioner Arias Canete has launched a progress report on the implementation of the Renewable Energy Directive. The report finds that binding national targets have helped Member States to step up their ambition on renewable energies and affirms that the majority of Member States are well on track to meeting their renewable energy targets. 

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Date : 09 June 2015

2014: New record year of growth for the global solar sector

Munich, 09 June 2015. SolarPower Europe, the new EPIA (European Photovoltaic Industry Association), released today its flagship market report the Global Market Outlook for Solar Power 2015-2019. James Watson, CEO of SolarPower Europe  stated it reveals that the global solar sector has reached a cumulative capacity of 178 Gigawatt (GW) in 2014, multiplying the installed capacity by a factor of 100 in only 14 years of development.

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Date : 28 May 2015

European Photovoltaic Industry Association rebrands: SolarPower Europe - The new EPIA

Brussels 28 May. Today the members of the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA) voted to re-brand the organisation as SolarPower Europe. With 100% of the vote in favour of the change, CEO James Watson proudly commented: This is a true endorsement of a new era in the rapid evolution of solar power in Europe. Our organisation has reached 30 years of age and the nature of our sector has fundamentally changed from where we were back then. The new brand reflects the growth and expansion of the scope of our organisation.

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Date : May 2015

EPIA joins the SETI Alliance


Brussels 11 May. The Alliance of the Sustainable Energy Trade Initiative (SETI Alliance) is proud to announce that EPIA, the European Photovoltaic Industry Association, has become our latest member. EPIA represents the European solar sector, covering the whole value chain, from fabs and equipment to power sales.

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Date : May 2015

Alectris Joins EPIA Taking Seat on Solar PV O&M Task Force

Athens, Greece. 6 May 2015:  Alectris, a global service provider for the integrated care of solar photovoltaic (PV) energy assets, today announced it has joined EPIA, the European Photovoltaic Industry Association and has taken a seat on the organization's recently formed Solar PV Operations and Maintenance Task Force.

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Date : April 2015

EPIA calls for free and fair trade between Europe and China

Shanghai 27 April. Schaefer stated that: EPIA is a strong supporter of free and fair trade and we would like to see trade relations between Europe and China, on solar modules and cells, return to normal undistorted, fair trade as soon as possible, when the duties and respective price undertaking expire in 2015.

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Date : March 2015

Europe's solar market falls over 30 percent in 2014 as global solar installations continue to grow

Brussels 26 March. The 10th annual Market Workshop of the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA) announced that about 40 Gigawatt (GW) of solar were installed globally in 2014. China, Japan and the USA continued to lead the world's solar market for the second year in a row. Europe installed around 7 GW with the UK leading installations for the first time.

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