Photo: Marcus Lyon

PV on social housing - potential business models and case studies 

By Sonia Dunlop, Policy Advisor, SolarPower Europe

Last month we presented at a conference in Brussels organised by Housing Europe, the association for public, cooperative and social housing, on what the key business models are for solar on social housing.

This is part of the PV Financing research project we are working on in partnership with Housing Europe, whose members alone manage 26 million homes - a huge potential market for PV that has up until now gone largely untapped. Social housing is different to other residential segments because it is a rented segment with landlords that have low costs of capital, long time horizons, economies of scale and tougher energy performance of buildings requirements.

We concluded that the main options are leasing, onsite direct wire PPAs, collective self consumption models or crowdfunding. See more information in THIS POWERPOINT or get in touch with Sonia Dunlop.