SolarPower Europe Addresses the European Parliament

By James Watson, Chief Executive Officer, SolarPower Europe

In March SolarPower Europe and its members have been very active addressing the European Parliaments hearings on the Clean Energy Package and the new Renewable Energy Directive in particular. On March 21st SolarPower Europe CEO James Watson addressed the ALDE (Liberal MEPs) group on solar in Europe and explained that while the price has been reducing solar has not been growing at a coomensurate rate. The new Renewable Energy Directive would be crucial in making that trend change. There was much support for the views of SolarPower Europe at the hearing. On 31st March James Watson also addressed the hearing of the S&D group (socialist), the second largest group in the Parliament. This discussion focused more on the need for a socially just transition and the need for a supply side approach to solar policy in Europe to grow jobs and installations.

On 22nd March Arnaud Chaperon (Total and Board Director of SolarPower Europe) and Jose Donoso CEO of UNEF, both SolarPower Europe members, addressed the Public Hearing of the Energy Committee (ITRE) of the European Parliament.

Actions are being intensified around the legislative package to make sure that there is a suitable  framework for solar in the post 2020 European energy mix.