Photo: SolarPower Summit 2017

SolarPower Europe Summit Declaration

By James Watson, Chief Executive Officer, SolarPower Europe

12th SolarPower Summit Declaration

Brussels - 8 March 2017

The 12th SolarPower Summit conclusions regarding new drivers of solar deployment are:

Corporate sourcing of solar power

Recognise the need for a definition of a set of common rules across Europe in line with third countries' standards to support the growth of solar power sourcing from corporates leading to new solar plants in Europe.

Solar and storage

In the context of the "Clean Energy for All Europeans" package, storage should be recognised for the multiple services it can bring to the energy system by being able to absorb and release electricity from and into the grid. This is necessary to enable stacking of benefits and avoid double taxation/levies for owners of solar and storage systems. 


The digitalisation of the electricity ecosystem is a way to improve the customer experience of using solar and increase engagement, make the process of going solar more convenient and make the billing process more transparent.

Operations and Maintenance

Support the on-going initiative of SolarPower Europe to develop standardised contracts for the provision of O&M in cooperation with IRENA and the Terawatt Initiative.


The European Commission and the Members States must ensure that potential eco-design measures are supportive of the energy transition and of a further enhancement of the quality of solar products.


The European Commission must ensure that no further measures on solar panels and cells imported into the EU from China, Malaysia and Taiwan will be imposed at the end of the 18-month period.

Emerging Markets

Global programmes, such as the Africa-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme, must be continued to promote the penetration of solar in emerging markets around the world.

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