Das Energy

DAS Energy

DAS Energy GmbH is a joint venture between Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH and Alternative Energy Solutions GmbH. The company was founded in 2010 and combines the knowledge of photovoltaics and aircraft construction. After a five-year development phase, the unique and innovative technology of DAS Energy GmbH was launched. This technology is based on silicon cells, the reinforced glass fibre plastic core and the patented prepreg material.  The patented material is a chemical processed glass fibre fabric.

DAS Energy is a specialized manufacturer of non-glass, semi-flexible and ultra-lightweight photovoltaic modules. The light-weight and the flexibility for the applications is a result of the technology of DAS Energy GmbH. The modules can be integrated in modern architectures, as well as used for new buildings and existing buildings with static limitation. Another application possibility is the use of the modules for the outdoor and mobile area like containers, caravans and golf carts. DAS Energy GmbH set new standards on the photovoltaic market and for the energy supply.

The company and its products are committed to sustainability, innovation and engagement, and make a great contribution for the energy revolution. New technologies and ongoing development meet every customer's requirements, now and in the future.