E-nable + , the one stop for energy projects

Following global economic struggles, employment rates have been recovering slowly. But freelancers and seem to buck this trend, as from 2009 until 2012, the number of temporary employees within the US rose by 29%.

The picture of the EU's labor market isn't much different. Numbers have increased by 45% from 6.2 million to 8.9 million in 2013, making freelancers the fastest growing group within Europe's labor market.

Global energy markets have yet to be heavily influenced by the trend of independent professionals, but economic developments have been setting the stage for swift changes.The energy industry responded to recent challenges by cutting capital expenditures and deferring major capital projects, pushing suppliers for better pricing, and cutting operating expenditures as well as headcounts. These changes in organizational structures and employment across markets make the industry overdue for a shift in labor practices.

Personal technology enabling us to communicate from virtually everywhere has already reshaped work -as well as recruiting processes- globally. But there is another kind of technology arguably playing an even bigger role: platforms designed to match companies with professionals.

E-nable's Freelancer module gives independent professionals of the energy sector a stage to showcase their skills and expertise, matching companies with energy experts on an international basis.

Adding a third dimension to the services offered by the energy platform E-nable+creates a holistic offer for energy projects across renewable and non-renewable energy markets.

Targeting one of the biggest hindrances for most freelancers - business development and maintaining their project pipelines- E-nable+ was created to support independent professionals to find jobs in their chosen fields.

Kick-started by the launch of E-nable's third module, users are now able to take advantage of the resulting synergies and advantages of our integrated services.