ENERDIA is an Energy Integrated Solutions Provider company, offering high-quality services in the Renewables Energy market (wind, solar, small hydro). Our target is to deliver tangible, measurable and timely results to the Energy Investor, defending its investment's interests through continuous increase of the Energy investment's Capital Value.

We focus on analytical and persistent technical O&M Analysis, Service and Asset Management, delivering unique customer intimacy, proactivity and daily support in order to ensure that all entrepreneurship goals of our customers are daily met. Enerdia offers solutions capitalizing on:

  • High technical expertise from top qualified team, in Solar, MV and HV.
  • Experience on complex Energy facilities delivering results for the most demanding Investors.
  • Carefully selected partnerships with suppliers emphasizing on quality, efficiency and prompt delivery.

In Enerdia we don't believe in Preventive or Corrective Maintenance; we adopt a "can do" approach exercising and offering to our customers only Perfective Technical Services, continuously expanding our customers' capabilities.

Our unique Services & Asset Management secure, cloud based tool - ERGACIS - allows us to in depth analyse any Solar Facility, anywhere in the World, controlling technical performance and ensuring that every aspect of the operation of the PV Plant is performing beyond and above expectations.