Photo: UNEF

3 GW, technology-neutral auction to be run in H1 2017 in Spain

By Giorgia Concas, Senior Policy Advisor

On 29 December 2016 the Spanish Energy Regulator, CNMC, published a draft Royal Decree and a Ministerial Order for the renewable energy auction which was initially planned for the end of 2016 but which will actually be run in the first half of 2017. The 3 GW auction will be technology neutral. It will have as a sole selection criterion the price, like the wind-biomass auction held in January 2016. However, this time some mechanisms will be introduced in order to secure project execution. Our Spanish PV association member UNEF looks forward to this tender, which will possibly revitalise the national PV market. UNEF hope that the Spanish government will provide the sector with longer term visibility as to the means by which the country will reach its 2020 target. With respect to the design of future auctions, UNEF promote pay-as-bid pricing, remuneration of the produced kWh (as opposed to the investment cost) as well as the ringfencing of some auctioned capacity for small-scale projects.