Photo: Digitalisation and Solar Task Force Scoping Workshop 8 December 2016

Digitalisation of solar: the business opportunities are mind-boggling

By Sonia Dunlop, Policy Advisor

Before Christmas we had our scoping workshop with members and non-members to get the ball rolling on our new Digitalisation & Solar Task Force, due to be formally kicked off in February 2017. It was a fascinating brainstorming session where over 30 businesses involved in micro smart energy management systems, smart grids, peer-to-peer electricity exchanges and industry optimisation all fed in what they believed to be the biggest drivers and barriers to solar and digitalisation.

The plan is to draw up a market opportunities report, a list of policy asks and start a dialogue process with other sectors. We also have a dedicated dinner debate to this topic as part of the SolarPower Summit on Tuesday 7 March and are looking at further events around Europe later in the year. See more info here on how to get involved.