Turkey Makes Great Progress in Every Field of Solar Energy

SOLAR TR2016, an event which is held every two years and brings solar energy industry stakeholders together, again hosted more than 1.000 national and international participants this year along with a comprehensive program. In the conference section held with the participation of leading organizations of Turkish solar energy industry, all stakeholders from universities to industries, from general public to implementers came together to evaluate the industry and its development in all aspects.

"SOLAR TR2016", a science and technology based international conference and exhibition activity, with the subject of innovative technology and applications in the widespread use of solar energy which is one of the important levers of low carbon economy with an increasing importance, was held in Pullman Airport Hotel & Convention Center in Istanbul between 06 - 08 December 2016 with the cooperation of universities, industries, public institutions and organizations and non-governmental organizations.

In SOLAR TR2016, providing answers to the-most-talked-about aspects in the industry with a busy schedule, closely followed developments including the future trends of solar energy industry, solar heating and cooling applications, public institutions' role in solar energy applications, opportunities and challenges in the investment; solar energy supports for municipalities, processes in Karapinar YEKA tender, details of solar energy systems to be installed in 21thousand forest villages, present situation in IPARD II which is a 100% grant program to be given to municipalities for Solar Energy installations by TKDK, developments about solar energy, finance, innovation and roof installations from the field to the execution were discussed.

A number of national and international experts from private sector to general public, from academicians to students were present at the first day of the conference which started with the opening speech of Prof. Dr. Gunnur Kocar, Chairman of the Steering Board. Kocar said that especially small investors must be encouraged by eliminating the negative examples in the renewable energy market.

In SOLAR TR2016 which was hosted by GUNDER and UFTP, and held with the cooperation of the leading institutions of solar energy industry in our country, Ege University Solar Energy Institute, Harran University GAP Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Center, TUBITAK-MAM, Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources - General Directorate of Renewable Energy, the proposals for development of rapidly growing solar energy industry, together with the infrastructure of roadmaps and action plans that will contribute to the elimination of possible threats and obstacles, were prepared.

89 Paper Presentations, 20 Poster Presentations, 40 Speakers, 14 Visionary Contributors, 30 Sponsors

SOLAR TR2016 Chairman of the Scientific Board, Prof. Dr.

Bulent Yesilata stated in his speech that significant number of notifications and contributions have started to come to scientific platforms from technology, manufacturers, service providers of the industry and software companies, and said that there are very serious developments intended for execution. With simultaneous technology, scientific and training sessions in 5 different halls, SOLAR TR2016 communicated the much-anticipated information about the sector with its audience from all segments, with 89 paper presentations out of accepted 99 in 18 sessions, 20 poster presentations out of 23 in poster presentation area, 40 speakers in 9 different sessions for training and current discussions, 14 visionary speakers in 3 joint sessions, 30 sponsors and company presentation stands, technology presentations, live broadcast followed by 11 different countries and more than 10.000 people reaching session information at different times through social media. Prof. Dr.

Bulent Yesilata shared the final technical declaration with the audience in his closing speech, details as below;      

  1. Turkey made great and concrete progress in the last 2 years in terms of contestability in technology production in every field of solar energy industry.
  2. Turkey has turned towards not only to the technological improvements in electricity production but also process heat and steam and as well the improvements which large scale heating and cooling are done together with integrated systems in solar energy applications, and has made great progress in this field and these utilizations have been adopted by the public.
  3.  Turkey is ready to bring all available technical infrastructure, human and information source and managerial mechanism in solar energy area together and this achievement will contribute to 2-3 years of progress every year.

Solar TR2016 Conference and Exhibition closed as the participants wishing to meet again in SOLAR TR2018, where roadmaps that were drawn here will host new projects, and which will go even further in 2018 with these steps.