Update on the Clean Energy Package

By Alexander Roesch, Policy Director 

Following the presentation by the European Commission on 30 November of the so-called "Clean Energy for All" package, for which we developed a special "Info pack" for our members, we are now turning to 2017 and preparing the next steps.

And the first important development to watch is the battle between the different political groups in the European Parliament. Indeed, a strategic decision will be to decide which groups will be in charge of preparing the position of the Parliament on the specific legislative files. This decision will be taken on 12 January. Then, once a group has been attributed the leading role on a given dossier, it will nominate a "rapporteur" who will be the counterpart of the Council (representing the Member States) throughout the legislative process. We should have a clear picture of the list of rapporteurs around February.

In the Council, Malta - which will hold the six-month rotating presidency as of January 2017 - already indicated that it will focus on the energy efficiency aspects. This means they will look at the Energy Efficiency Directive and the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive first, and let the following presidencies (Estonia, Bulgaria, Austria) deal with the market design reform and the revision of the Renewable Energy Directive.

We in SolarPower Europe are getting ready for this important legislative process. Based on our initial analysis of the package, our Strategy Committee will meet again on 2 February 2017 to agree on our negotiation strategy and our policy asks for the next year to come.

For more information on the Clean Energy Package or on the Strategy Committee: Alexandre Roesch - Policy Director - a.roesch@solarpoweurope.org