SolarPower Europe at the STA Conference: Does the new government mean business for solar?

On Monday 8th June SolarPower Europe CEO James Watson, attended and gave the opening speech at the UK Solar Trade Associations (STA) conference on the new government s approach to solar power in Britain. Setting the context for the discussion, Watson gave an overview of the main policy initiatives coming from the European Commission in 2015, including market design and self-consumption, as well as a brief overview of the state of play in relation to the EU-China trade case.

The conference included a presentation by Tesla on the importance of solar, storage and electric vehicles combining to tackle climate change. Hanergy also presented on their new partnership with IKEA, designed to bring solar power to 2 million homes. The UK government gave a presentation explaining their tendering process.

STA CEO, Paul Barwell presenting the UK Solar Independence Plan to James Watson

The event also saw the launch of the STAs UK Solar Independence Plan, setting out how the new Government can steer rooftop solar-generated electricity to parity with retail electricity prices and utility-scale solar farms to parity with new gas CCGT power station prices, both by 2020. A copy can be downloaded here.