The Solar Future Nigeria

25-26 April, Lagos, Nigeria

With support from SolarPower Europe and RECP, Solarplaza will host The Solar Future Nigeria - the first Solar PV conference focused solely on the Nigerian market, 25-26 April 2017 in Lagos, covering the full Solar PV electrification spectrum: from utility scale to pico-solar and in between.

Acknowledging the importance of all means to quickly achieve universal access to clean and sustainable energy, the event program will cover the full solar electrification space, with a spotlight focus on financing and regulation. During the conference, top level government officials will meet with top executives from the private sector, international investors and renewable energy solutions providers and consumers in order to chart a way forward.

Bringing together these 200+ representatives from development banks, investment funds, solar developers, IPPs, EPCs & other solar stakeholders, this event will be the key-platform for all those involved in the sector to attend.

SolarPower Europe and RECP will facilitate a tailored B2B Business and Finance matchmaking session, where participants are offered the chance to meet their next business partner or financier and to advance existing projects at different stages of connect projects with financiers and other key market participants.

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Members of the SolarPower Europe network enjoy the opportunity to have a 10% discount on the registration fee.