SolarPower Europe members opportunity to join IRENA Coalition for Action

By Daniel Dang, Business Development Manager

We are glad to inform you that the kick-off meeting of the IRENA Business and Investor Group has been successful - you can find notes from the meeting here. We would like to provide you the opportunity to join for free the IRENA Coalition for Action and participate in the next calls/meetings.

You can engage in one or more work streams:

  • Work stream 1: Removing regulatory barriers in order to scale up investments in renewable energy.
  • Work stream 2: Community energy issues (highlighting special benefits, challenges, and needs of community based investment and advising on how governments can maximize social and economic benefits for their citizens).
  • Work stream 3: Corporate sourcing of renewables.


Based on your preferred choices, separate calls for each work stream will be set up in May to discuss deliverables and activities. The different Group Chairs will ensure that all work streams will feed into each other and not be treated in isolation.

The Business and Investor Group is a Working Group under the IRENA Coalition for Action and therefore a membership in the latter is required to be part of this group. 

For those of you who are not yet members of the Coalition for Action, please find here a Coalition Membership Application Form to be filled-out and submitted by e-mail to If you have any questions, we are happy to provide additional information or schedule a call.