Photo: MEP Krisjanis Karins

SolarPower Europe Solar & Storage event in the European Parliament

By Thomas Doring, Policy Analyst

On 27th April SolarPower Europe held a breakfast debate on Solar & Storage: How can the framework truly empower consumers? in the European Parliament. The event was hosted by MEP Krisjanis Karins and included high-level speakers such as Alicia Carrasco, Director of European Government affairs TESLA, Carmen Gimeno, Secretary General GEODE, Lorenzo Rambaldi, ENEL Green Power and Felix Dembski, VP Strategy Sonnen

More than 50 participants exchanged views on how to get a strong regulatory framework for storage in place and whether the European Commission's proposals are enough to empower consumers.

Alexandre Roesch, Policy Director, outlined the work of SolarPower Europe's Task Force on Solar & Storage in relation to the Commission's Clean Energy package:

  •  Solar markets and prices in 2016
  •  Europe's Home energy storage outlook
  •  How to allow the stacking of several services Solar & Storage can provide
  •  Positive elements for Solar & Storage in the Commission's proposals
  •  Elements that need to be improved to fully unleash the technical potential and services that Solar & Storage can provide

The presentation and key elements of the discussion can be downloaded here.

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