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SolarPower Europe trade hearing on the Interim Review

By Kristina Thoring, Senior Political Communications Advisor

On 24th April SolarPower Europe had a formal trade hearing with the European Commission, DG Trade, on the interim review relating to the price mechanism (MIP).

On 3rd March 2017 the European Commission announced an interim review into the price mechanism used to determine the price of panels imported into the European Union from China.

In the hearing, SolarPower Europe put forward its view that the new MIP mechanism should use a market price index. Only with a variable price mechanism that reflects the global market price can European industries, companies and consumers benefit from the huge fall in the cost of solar.

SolarPower Europe also reiterated that the trade measures on modules and cells should be removed immediately by the end of the 18-month extension period.

The Commission is expected to bring forward a recommendation on the Interim Review over the summer, and implement the new MIP mechanism in September 2017.

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