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Spain: second auction to set the specific payment scheme designed for new renewable generation facilitites comprised in the peninsular electricity system

The second auction to set the specific payment scheme for new renewable generation facilities, organised by the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and the Digital Agenda, is due to be held May 17th 2017.

Any individual or legal entity meeting the regulatory requirements, whatever their nationality may be, will be able to take part in that auction.

The auction is for 2.000 MW, that can be increased to a maximum of 3.000 MW of renewable new facilities.

The auction will be of the sealed-bid type and the bid will offer the products described in Order ETU/315/2017, 6th April, regulating the procedure to set the specific payment scheme in the call for new renewable generation facilities comprised in the Peninsular electricity system, pursuant to Royal Decree 359/2017, 31st March, and approving the payment parameters therefor.

The session shall commence at 9 am and end at 11 am, on May 17th. Subsequently, the Auction Manager shall proceed to match bids and the post-auction processes for which provision is made in the Circular approving the auction rules will commence.

That Circular has appointed OMI-Polo Espanol, S.A. (OMIE), through its subsidiary

OMEL Diversificacion, S.A.U. as the Auction Manager.

In order to take part in the auction, the interested party must complete the prequalification and qualification processes before 1 pm on Thursday 11th May 2017.

If you have any doubts or queries to be settled, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

OMEL Diversificacion S.A.U.

Calle Alfonso XI, 6, planta 4

91 659 89 00