Photo: Alexander Huppertz, Project Manager at Africa-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme (RECP)

Successful conference to kick start solar in Nigeria as part of Africa-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme

By Sonia Dunlop, Policy Advisor

This week we were in Nigeria at SolarPlaza's The Solar Future Nigeria, part of our work with the EU-Africa Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme to try and grow the PV market in Nigeria. Nigeria is a country of 180 million people and 28 million households that currently have no access to electricity. It is estimated that there is currently just 115MW of off-grid solar installed (although no precise data is available), and yet in terms of LCOE solar is six times cheaper than a diesel generator. The solar and solar + storage home system market is very active, with a number of companies battling it out for market share.

In terms of grid-connected solar, there is just one 1MW pilot project that has been connected so far, with 1.12 GW of large-scale projects that have secured PPAs and are waiting in the wings. No one knows if these projects will be realised: currency issues, the creditworthiness of the National Bulk Electricity Trader (NBET) and punishing penalty payments mean question marks remain over whether these projects will be realised. However the potential is huge, and we will continue to try and connect the Nigerian solar sector with investors and technical experts in Europe to help the market flourish. If you want more info please get in touch with Sonia Dunlop on