Summary: European and Global Solar Market Trends Q4 and Full Year 2016

By Michael SchmelaExecutive Advisor

In SolarPower Europe's "Q4/Full Year 2016 Developments in European Solar Market & Beyond" update, we observed the following trends: 

1.      Europe:

- Q4 was characterized by strong German demand, "saving" that quarter

- At 6.7 GW, 2016 installations in Europe decreased by over 20% YoY - This market decrease was anticipated and inline with our forecast (our medium scenario was 7.1 GW)

- In particular, France disappointed

- Without Turkey's growth, which more than doubled installations to 571 MW PV, the European solar market would have been even smaller


2.      Globally:

- Q4 was dominated by demand from China, which added around 11 GW

- Global installed capacity grew 50% to 76 GW

- China's share was 45% in 2016, Asia's  share 66% of the total market

- With the US doubling annual installations to 14.7 GW, it has become the second largest market, while Europe's share decreased to a single digit number

The "Q4/Full Year 2016 Developments in European Solar Market & Beyond" slide deck and the recordings of the webinar are available free of charge for members of SolarPower Europe - and can be accessed here.