Photo: SolarPower Europe's CEO James Watson and Policy Director Aurelie Beauvais with Make Power Clean members Fabio Marchetti of Eni and Ivan Martin of Shell.

One step closer to Make Power Clean

By: Alyssa Pek, Communications Assistant

On 27 September, SolarPower Europe attended the official launch of the Make Power Clean initiative at the Radisson Red in Brussels. This event was a huge success and attended by many profile stakeholders in both the private and public sectors.

The night kicked-off with a special message from EU Commissioner Miguel Arias Canete, highlighting the urgency to implement the 550gCO2/kwH criterion to catalyse the energy transition. 

"If we want are going to show true leadership in the fight against climate change, it is important that we don't just talk the talk, we also need to walk the walk. Let's agree on 550. Let's Make Power." said Canete on his support of the 550g capacity mechanism.

This was followed by an inspiring discussion between Sami Andoura (Team Leader of the Sustainable Development Unit, European Political Strategy Center) Megan Richards (Director for energy policy, DG ENER European Commission), and Adina Valean (Chair of the ENVI Committee, European Parliament).

"The 550g criterion is a major signal to the investment community on EU commitment to their climate and energy objectives" said Andoura.

The success of this launch event is very encouraging to all stakeholders who are working to Make Power Clean by implementing the 550g capacity mechanism in the EU.

Learn more about the Make Power Clean Campaign here.

See why SolarPower Europe supports the 550g criterion here.



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