Photo Credit: Solarwatt

Digitalisation and Solar – New report coming soon!

By: Sonia Dunlop, Policy Advisor

Our Digitalisation Task Force is in the final stages of drafting and reviewing its highly anticipated report ‘Digitalisation & Solar – the market opportunities’, which is due to be launched and published on 4 October at European Utility Week in Amsterdam.

This report will be first of its kind, covering new, improved and digitalised business models, how digital technology can reduce costs and increase performance within the sector and more digital grid integration of solar. All members are welcome to help review the document, and a draft can be made available upon request.

We are also offering ‘case study advertorials’, where businesses with interesting pilot projects or software can showcase their innovations with a full-page highlight in the report. This opportunity also includes a speaking slot to present the case study at one of our upcoming events or meetings.

Join us for the launch of the report and our follow-up Digitalisation Taskforce Expert Workshop on 4-5 October in Amsterdam during European Utility Week to learn more about this exciting new development in the solar industry.

For more information about the report and case study advertorial opportunities please contact Sonia Dunlop at