Photo: BMW World in Munich, Germany

The Digital Solar & Storage Era

By: Michael Schmela, Executive Advisor

Do You Have Great Ideas for the Digital Solar & Storage Era? Join SolarPower Europe’s New Discussion Platform on 5 December 2017 at BMW World in Munich!

Solar is disrupting the energy world, battery storage offers help to smooth the impacts, and digital solutions will lead to a solar-powered era that will not only be clean, but also much more comfortable for both power generators and consumers – who are now increasingly becoming the same person or entity, whether you call them prosumers or active consumers.

SolarPower Europe has created a strategic partnership with inverter manufacturer SMA and solar module and battery storage system producer Solarwatt to provide a platform on Digital Solar & Storage. As the world is increasingly run by electricity, this platform will be the intersection between all sectors that depend on this power, most importantly the power, transport and heat sectors. The first event of its kind, it will take place at BMW World in Munich on 5 December 2017 to discuss the following critical topics for all stakeholders in this field:

  • What’s the impact of digitalization and solar?
  • What’s the latest on emerging solar, storage & digitalization projects - Business models of financing being deployed in Europe
  • How solar, storage & digitalization can make consumers’ lives easier?
  • A solar vision – discussing the long-term perspective for solar storage and complementary technologies

SolarPower Europe’s strategic event partners are great examples for companies that have embraced digital solar & storage. Take our board member SMA, who have introduced a new energy management platform called ennexOS that offers modular solutions for sales support, planning, simulation, configuration and the operation of decentralized energy supply systems. This platform makes it possible to interlink various energy sources - from PV systems, CHP plants to heat pumps or consumers, such as heating and cooling, air conditioning and lighting systems. If combined with a battery storage system, self-generated energy can be used any time, enabling the prosumer to perfectly optimize consumption and costs.

Join and shape Digital Solar & Storage at BMW World:

If you want to actively participate in SolarPower Europe’s Digital Solar & Storage event in Munich – as a strategic partner, sponsor, panelist or present – take a look at our preliminary agenda and get in touch.

We are looking forward to discussing and shaping the Digital Solar & Storage Era with You!