Intersolar 2018: The solar industry proves its innovative power

The global energy industry is undergoing a radical transformation, with one trend in particular standing out: Renewable energy is growing in importance and increasingly overshadowing energy from fossil fuels. According to "Renewables", the latest analysis by the International Energy Agency (IEA), the share of electricity generated by renewable sources is expected to grow by 43 percent by 2022.

Intersolar 2018: More than 80 percent of exhibition space has already been booked

Photovoltaics has proven to be the workhorse among renewable energy sources. Global demand in this area remains strong and experts forecast that the annual photovoltaic capacity newly deployed in 2017 could exceed 100 gigawatts for the first time. This would represent a 25 percent increase over the previous year. According to the IEA, the acceleration in growth is being driven by the continued fall in power generation prices quoted in tenders, which are currently at around 3.0 US cents per kilowatt hour and thus in some cases lower than energy generation costs from new gas or coal-fired power stations.

The innovative power of the solar industry and its ambition to drive the energy transition forward continues unabated. This is also reflected in the interest in Intersolar Europe, the world's leading exhibition for the solar industry. Eight months before the start of the exhibition, more than 80 percent of exhibition space has already been booked.

The smarter E: A meeting point for the pioneers of the new energy world

With the rise of renewable energy come changes to the structure of energy supply. As energy from renewable sources is not always uniformly available, the focus is increasingly shifting to intelligent infrastructure, innovative energy storage systems and connecting the electricity, heating and mobility sectors - in short, sector coupling.

The smarter E Europe is now bringing these key topics together in a new platform. Starting in 2018, a total of four energy exhibitions will be held under this new umbrella, with the leading exhibitions Intersolar and ees Europe being joined by two additional events: Power2Drive Europe and EM-Power. In future, the exhibitions will shine the spotlight on e-mobility and intelligent energy use in industry and commerce.

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