Highlight: Small is beautiful: Don't burden small businesses and consumers, empower them to boost the energy transition!

By: Aurelie Beauvais, Policy Director


Today (9 November), trade associations representing key stakeholders in Europe's energy transition have launched the 'Small is Beautiful' campaign, urging policy makers to take a distinct approach for the market integration of small-scale renewable and high efficiency cogeneration installations.

As EU negotiations advance at a fast pace on the recast of the electricity market design regulations, current proposals endanger the stable and effective development of small renewable installations, by requiring that all power generators should have 'balancing responsibilities' and removing the protection of priority dispatch.

The 'Small Is Beautiful' campaign aims to bring the unique needs of small installations back to the discussion table.

Small-scale renewable and high efficiency cogeneration installations are run by consumers, households, communities, farmers, cooperatives or SMEs, and contribute to the economic and social dynamism of local regions. Sectors installing, maintaining and operating small-scale installations are also important creators of local, sustainable, and highly-skilled jobs, making the low-carbon economy a highly prosperous reality.

Despite these benefits, current proposals expose small players to disproportionate costs and technical burden. The Clean Energy Package must take the energy transition to the next level by supporting small installations; it cannot afford to take a step backward!

Learn more about the 'Small is Beautiful' campaign here.