Seasonal message

By James Watson, CEO of SolarPower Europe

Dear members and friends it is the time of year to once again reflect on all that has been achieved, before heading to the security of our homes and families. 2016 has been a notable year for us and 2017 is set to be packed with action as you will have read in Alexandre's editorial, the legislative agenda has really spiced up!

Before considering the work package of 2017, lets just recall a few of the highlights of 2016:

  • A successful engagement of the European Commission to make sure that the work on the legislative dossiers on renewable energy in Europe begin on a strong footing for solar
  • The celebration of 100GW installed capacity in Europe, with a major event in Brussels where European Commission Vice-President Maros Sefcovic gave the keynote speech
  • More than 50 new members of SolarPower Europe - welcome!
  • More webinars, events and workshops than ever before; and new taskforces on storage and digitalization of energy (don't forget to come to the scoping workshop on 8 December!)
  • A dynamic campaign on the trade case with 36 associations, leading NGOs and 407 companies joining our efforts
  • Presenting to the 28 EU Energy Ministers in a private meeting in Bratislava
  • A huge increase in social media followers on LinkedIn (+115%), Twitter (+98%) and Facebook (+88%).

I must thank the team and all of our members for the excellent contributions to the work of 2016.

And 2017 will be no different, we are already looking at a very busy year for SolarPower Europe - we have Board elections in March with 10 seats up for election. We will be in full steam ahead mode on the legislative dossiers including the key market design and renewable energy directive; not to mention the trade case (due to be completed by March) and a potential eco-design initiative on solar panels and inverters. In terms of webinars, events and workshops - we will have more than in 2016 and really bring value to our members through the breadth of topics we will cover in great quality.

We are looking forward to these exciting challenges and look forward to tackling them all with our members next year.

In the meantime, on behalf of us all here in SolarPower Europe, I wish you a very Merry Festive Season, a Happy Christmas and a hugely successful New Year!