Photo: Jochen Schneider, EVP Energy Services SMA Solar Technology AG

Photo: Dr. Jurgen Reinert, CTO and COO SMA Solar Technology AG

Digital Solar & Storage - a future energy system

By: Dr. Jurgen Reinert, CTO and COO SMA Solar Technology AG & Jochen Schneider, EVP Energy Services SMA Solar Technology AG

Digitalisation and energy storage will further accelerate the decentralization of energy supply and be among the main drivers for the continued growth of solar PV in the coming years. As solar PV becomes the most cost-efficient energy source around the world, storage and digitalisation allow for increased controllability and availability, which will facilitate the grid integration of solar and other renewable energy. As this happens, entirely new opportunities and business models will arise across the entire energy sector as well as for energy prosumers. On the 4-5 December, some of the leading players in the solar, storage, and digital industries will gather in Munich for SolarPower Europe and the International Battery & Energy Storage Alliance's event Digital Solar & Storage to discuss how these trends will shape the future of energy.

Solar, digitalisation and storage provide many opportunities for new business models as the traditional one-way street of energy production and consumption is turned on its head. 

The traditional pipeline business model, in which centralised units produce and sell energy to customers directly or via intermediaries, is being replaced by brand-new platforms in this new era. These platforms allow for a fully automated energy management, connect market actors and offer direct communication and trading between producers, consumers and other stakeholders. The mission is to bring supply and demand together via digitalisation to make optimum use of the energy generated locally.

However, as these are relatively new trends in the energy sector, we need to gain a deeper understanding of how to combine digitalisation with storage in order to fully take advantage of their potential for the solar industry and manage the future energy system. Technologically advanced and innovative companies like SMA Solar Technology can help catalyse this revolution through their longstanding experience and insight into the industry. That is why SMA is proud to be a strategic partner for SolarPower Europe's and the International Battery & Energy Storage Alliances upcoming event Digital Solar & Storage on 4-5 December at the BMW World in Munich. The first event of its kind, it will unite key stakeholders in digitalisation, energy storage and solar to establish a cross-sectoral platform to discuss how solar coupled with digitalisation and storage can shape the future of the power, heat and transport sectors.

To be part of the future of energy in Europe, you can now register for this innovative event here.