O&M Best Practices - what, why, and how?

By: Alyssa Pek, Communications Assistant 

On 7 December in London, we will be launching the new 2.0 version O&M Best Practices, developed in collaboration with Alectris and Bird&Bird, at our O&M and Asset Management Event. Following up from the previous edition, the 2.0 version dives deeper into how to better manage O&M, which will be a key factor in sustaining the solar boom.

These guidelines are the result of the work of more than 70 experts, including O&M contractors, asset owners, asset managers and monitoring tool providers, who are part of SolarPower Europe's O&M Task Force. The 2.0 version features enhanced and refined chapters as well as new chapters which discuss topics such as technical asset management and cybersecurity. Overall, these new and improved guidelines will give a much more mature and progressive vision for the solar O&M market in Europe.

Another key feature of the 2.0 O&M Practices are contractual recommendations in line with the Global Solar Energy Standardisation Initiative (SESI), a collaborative initiative done with SolarPower Europe, the Global Solar Council, IRENA, and the Terrawatt Initiative. Launched last year, this initiative is powered by seven work groups constructing contract templates, which will be vetted with industry stakeholders then fit together so the language supports each template and each stage of a solar project's lifecycle. SolarPower Europe, along with O&M Task Force leader Alectris and Bird&Bird, are leading the O&M workstream.

"The nice thing about the O&M work stream in this initiative is we inherited a lot of work done already in SolarPower Europe through the framework of Best Practices Guidelines Workforce," said Vassilis Papaeconomou.  "Our contribution from the SolarPower Europe task force was more on the technical and operational perspective, where Bird & Bird has contributed from the legal perspective."

"SESI will dramatically simplify the development of projects, and will help lower the costs, especially in emerging markets. Imagine in Africa and Southeast Asia, where entering a new market each time with a new contract adds significant cost and complexity" commented Bruce Douglas, SolarPower Europe's COO and one of the leaders of the initiative.

To learn more about SESI, you can listen to the brand new podcast series which discusses the development of the initiative and its importance to climate action and the growth of the solar industry.

To get insight into the new 2.0 version O&M Best Practices guidelines, join us along with other O&M sector leaders on 7 December in London at our O&M and Asset Management event to get your hard copy.