The 14 PPAs... or rather, the 14 models of corporate sourcing

By: Sonia Dunlop, Policy Advisor 

We have had much interest since our hugely successful RE-Source event about the presentation on 14 PPAs, which became somewhat of an anthem at the event and were cited in many subsequent discussions during the two-day event.

To clarify, these were actually 14 models of corporate sourcing of renewables, of which only about 7-8 are actually PPAs. They span everything from self-owned on-site renewables, to synthetic PPAs and the purchasing of Gurantees of Origin certificates.

The full 14 can be viewed here and are part of our member-only country/model corporate sourcing barrier matrix which we are gradually filling in for the 14 models and 28 EU countries. If you are a member and want access to our matrix, get in touch with Giorgia Concas.