Utilities and the corporate renewable energy boom - ENGIE's strategy to become a leader of the new energy world

Corporates 'going renewable' is a phenomenon that has been making headlines  as more corporations are looking to clean energy to save money and contribute to a low-carbon economy. While this is a step in the right direction to decarbonise Europe and reach our Paris agreement goals, how can utility providers jump on board this trend and support the corporate energy transition? We sat down with Grace Sizey, Customer Energy Management Director at ENGIE, to discuss their strategy for 'going renewable'.

SPE:  What is ENGIE and its renewable energy strategy?

GS: Engie is the leading Independent Power Producer worldwide and wants to be a leader of the new energy world. Our strategy is first a response to the Climate Emergency & profound Energy revolution, and to a world turning to renewable energy.

This is happening thanks to rapid maturation of new technologies: solar, wind, hydrogen, electricity storage. Paving the way to a new energy world: we describe as '3D': decarbonized, decentralized, and digitalized energy landscape.

For that, our strategy is focusing on 3 objectives:

1- prioritize businesses with the lowest carbon generation (90% by 2018)

2- customer oriented service

3- move to contracted business

In Renewable Energy, Engie has a long-standing experience with a full front-to-end coverage on renewable power: asset origination and development O&M, renewable asset optimization, Energy Management Services, and supply.

SPE:  How does ENGIE perceive demand for green power coming from Corporates?

GS: International companies have long been pursuing ambitious goals in term of efficiency, both for sustainability commitments and cost reduction.

However, we see COP21 Conference in Paris as a tipping point. Since then, there is a clear acceleration in green sourcing demand. Electricity sourcing has moved up to strategy at the corporate level to be developed globally. While a lot of Corporates are still in the process of defining their green power strategy, some -with RE100 firms at the forefront- are now concretely implementing their roadmap.

It is a transformation ENGIE has decided to go with and support. In addition, ENGIE is having more and more requests to partner with corporates in their energy transition journey. We want to be closer to our partner's sites and processes, to provide them with the tailored green power solutions they need, but more generally move to green energy and CO2-free processes.

SPE: What is ENGIE's proposal to help Corporates meet their challenges?

ENGIE provides a full range of solution for corporates who want to access green power, such as Corporate PPAs (both onsite and offsite), Renewable Energy Certificates and Energy Management Services. We have a diverse technological portfolio, with deep technical expertise in wind, solar and hydro. We have a worldwide coverage with an operational presence in 70 countries - we are ready to follow our customers where they are and where they want to be.

We propose to our customers a global approach based on local solutions. We will help customers to secure their renewable sourcing, adapt it to their own requirement in term of profiling and shape risk management and support them over the long run by optimizing their supply through markets and technologies.

Thanks to a granular understanding of local regulations and markets design, ENGIE is able to accompany its Partners where and when it will create the more value for them. We have created dedicated entry points for customers looking for such solutions, and even a dedicated email address: greenpower@engie.com