Around the World in 1,000 Solutions

By: Alyssa Pek, Communications Assistant 

Just one year after the revolutionary Solar Impulse plane landed from the world's first round-the-world trip fueled only by solar power, the Solar Impulse Foundation is ready to go around the world 1,000 more times with the launch of their new initiative the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions at COP23 in Bonn.

This alliance brings together the main actors involved in developing, financing or promoting products, services, processes and technologies to create solutions that will help fight the effects of climate change in a profitable way. From start-ups to world leading companies to cities to investors, this alliance will facilitate match-making between multiple actors to gather the 1,000 best ideas, which will be labelled as Efficient Solutions and presented to governments, businesses and institutions at COP24 next year.

For Bertrand Piccard, Chairman of the Solar Impulse Foundation and leader of this initiative, the primary barrier that we have in climate negotiations is that we are "prisoners of old ways of thinking" which prevents us from innovating. The Alliance hopes to spur innovation to encourage governments to make much more ambitious energy policies and environmental targets for a sustainable future.

"We need to embrace efficient technologies, because they are much more than 'ecological', they are 'logical'. They create jobs and generate profit, while also reducing CO2 emissions and protecting the environment. Even if climate change didn't exist, they would make sense. Clean growth is much better than the dirty status quo we have today" said Piccard at the launch of the Alliance.

Backed by high-level actors such as UNFCCC Executive Secretary Patricia Espinosa, the World Bank's CP for sustainable development Laura Tuck, and UN Environment Executive Director Erik Solheim who all attended the launch event at COP23, the Alliance already boasts 474 members offering more than 500 solutions. SolarPower Europe is proud to be one of these members as we believe that solar is a technology that can offer countless solutions to simultaneously lower carbon emissions and support economic growth. Through this Alliance, economy can be reconciled with ecology as a new vision for climate action is ready for take-off. 

If you have a solution or would like to become a member of the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions, please find more information here.

(Photo Credit: Solar Impulse Foundation)