Sign up to our declaration "Go Digital and make the most of the renewables revolution"

By: Sonia Dunlop, Policy Advisor

As part of our advocacy on the Clean Energy Package and proposed electricity market design regulation, we are putting together a 'declaration' of solar businesses on digitalisation, solar and electricity market design entitled "Go Digital and make the most of the renewables revolution". 

The key message is that new digital technologies are breaking down the traditional boundaries within the energy sector, opening the door to a new era of flexibility and decentralisation. Smart demand response, sector coupling and more efficient energy systems are all opportunities to make the most of the energy transition. Most of all, the digitalisation of the power system has proved to be far more efficient for network operation and integration of renewables than as distortive capacity markets or widespread curtailment.

If you would like to sign the declaration (which is done on a company level and does not require a specific person), please send your logo to Sonia Dunlop with the words 'Go Digital' in the subject line.