SolarPower Europe joins Construction 2020 

By: James Watson, CEO

On January 18, James Watson and SolarPower Europe BIPV Taskforce leader David Mueller from Merck, attended the Construction 2020 Platform organised by the European Commission. This is the platform that will be used to contribute to the Clean Energy Industrial Forum championed by Commission Vice-President Sefcovic.

This was the first occasion where SolarPower Europe had a direct input to the construction industry's own platform and while there were some raised eyebrows from participants, the reception was mainly warm for the points made.

With a focus on buildings and the role of solar to contribute to zero emission buildings, the discussion looked at how solar and energy efficiency could combine to support a massive reduction in CO2 emissions from Europe's building stock. David Mueller outlined the increasingly important role that BIPV can play in achieving this ambition - if the right regulation to enable BIPV is initiated. This will be a main push for SolarPower Europe in these meetings.

Subsequent to the presentations from Dr Watson and Dr Mueller, SolarPower Europe were invited to join the platform as constituent members. This is important to ensure consistency of approach to the Clean Energy Industrial Forum through the three pillars of: renewables, construction and batteries.