Sun For Schools - powering the next generation

By: Bruce Douglas, COO and Deputy CEO

SolarPower Europe is now supporting an initiative in Belgium, Sun for Schools, to provide solar powered electricity to schools. In addition to a donation, we will be providing advice, educational materials and communication outreach. We are also asking our members to donate in the form of finance, components, teaching materials and advice.

Not only will this initiative be providing clean, sustainable and low cost electricity to the schools, the installations will be used as educational tools to motivate the next generation. The projects, from inception through to operation, will become an integral part of the school curriculum for all age groups.

The first project we are supporting is a school in Wallonia called the L'Ecole Internationale Le Verseau.


More information on the specific school project (in French) here.

You can make a donation to support Sun For Schools here.

For more information on the initiative, please contact Bruce Douglas

(Photo Credit: Sun For Schools)