Terrawatt Initiative Survey: Impact of Regulation on the Price of Electricity

By: Alyssa Pek, Communications Assistant

The Terrawatt Initiative is calling on SolarPower Europe Members to participate in its survey on the impact of regulation on the price of electricity. SolarPower Europe is has been a strong supporter of the Terrawatt Initiative since its inception and encourages all members to take part in this important survey.

Solar energy - a clean energy with low barriers to entry - has seen tremendous development over the last 10 years. This type of renewable energy has also proven to be an increasingly affordable one. 

However, despite this impressive development and reductions in costs and tariffs, there are still too many solar energy projects around the world which are hampered by the perception that the regulatory environment is too risky for potential investors and/or lenders. High risks impact both the financial feasibility and the affordability of energy produced by these projects.Therefore, decreasing regulatory risks will make more projects financially viable (with significant impact on the cost of equity and debt) and thus, lower the cost of the energy. 

The Terrawatt Initiative has identified 15 risk criteria (at the country or project level) that impact the assessment of a solar project's risks by investors/ lenders. Throughout this survey, they are looking for your point of view - as a professional involved in the renewable/solar energy sector - on the relative importance of these risks and your perception of the grading of these risks as pertaining to recent projects you have been involved in. 

To participate in this important survey, click here.

Deadline to complete the survey is 21 February, 2018. The information provided shall be kept anonymous and confidential.